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Have you ever witnessed a fall leaf falling - or better yet the first one from a tree that appears on fire? One single brave giant maple leaf of a golden aged colour falls. So delicate - it doesn't fall like a rock into a stream, but more like a extravagant ballerina. If you stop and watch it carefully enough - you can hear Mendelssohn playing in accompaniment. Concentrating on the beauty, her slow last dance until she gently lands on the wet grass of morning.

I catch myself looking out for them now, but so often we miss them, these kinds of quiet events become a blur in the velocity of life.

I was broken out of my trance by a car horn. I had stopped to take in my dancing leaf apparently in the middle of the street. On the worst possible day to do so. I popped out of my fantasy surrounded by the loud hustle of freshman arriving at Fairhaven.

The entire campus had been transported by rail from Massachusetts to new Washington shoreline by rail. Each brick labeled and numbered - each arch recreated.

Mind you - it was something you either found entrancing and charming or a stark reminder of the kind of world you'd moved here to escape in the first place. There didn't seem to be any in between on the matter. What it was for these freshman? It was their first step away from a farm or a factory or the lives their parents were leading. Mothers fretting over how they would eat, how often they'd actually do laundry - and Fathers mostly, glad to have their children off on the next step - well, unless you were talking about their pocketbooks. A liberal arts education was not a inexpensive undertaking.

But! Before we get too carried away about Fairhaven College, and her various goings on - our true story is about "The" Fairhaven. It sat on the fringes of campus, curiously but not deliberately down the winding hill behind the performing arts and writer's school.

This bistro and bar with it's mix of outside and indoor choices - brunch at seemingly every hour of the day, became the off campus home of all variety to storytellers, demagoguery, fiery romance, employment and escape. It became almost better than an internship on the actual campus to score a fabled job in a crimson red starched shirt and the white apron of The Fairhaven.