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I've heard about cake


I've been hearing about this cake for weeks now. "You'll be one and it'll be time for birthday cake!" They say it like I know exactly what birthday cake is. Hello? not yet one years old? So it has remained a mystery. What is the importance of cake? why does it only come out on my birthday? and what is a party while we're talking about all this?

Mum lifts me up and sets me in My chair. They finally reveal THE CAKE. It's huge! This cake is humongous! It's got a pink wrapper of some kind and is covered in a soft white potatoey like stuff. Thats my favorite jarr'ed baby food by the way - potatoey. but back to the cake.

Its covered in little star shaped sprinkles. The cake is impaled on a flaming staff that sizzles - sending out little stars out. star is my favorite shape. They all sing to me in their alien language - then remove the flaming staff and slowly scoot the cake towards me.

This had better live up to all the hype.