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Arriving early, as always, I was the only patient in the waiting area. The old school receptionist tapped away. Her large Lee press-ons exaggerating the click of data entry. She wore glasses, held to her outfit by a classic 1950s string of white pearls. The med tech stood next to her, chatting.

What I thought at first was an optical illusion soon became a truly visible glow all around the med tech. Then suddenly, with an almost imperceptible snap sound, he evaporated like something out of a sci-fi movie. I let out a loud, audible gasp, looking to the receptionist.

She stopped, looked over her glasses and said, “Don’t mind Vince; we’ve told him repeatedly that a seven-shot mocha will vibrate him into another dimension. But does he listen, no...... Just be glad he didn’t evaporate during a blood draw,” she said, nonchalantly returning to her clicking.