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Heal My Pain

I'm very excited to release a new novel in summer of 2021!

Following the lives and fates of six people who find themselves joining the wagon train west in the early spring of 1850 in St. Charles Missouri. What are the secrets and reasons they find themselves leaving everything behind for the journey? Who do they become on the journey to Oregon City? Once there, do they revert to who they were before - - or evolve into entirely new people, forever changed by their new life out west? 

"It wasn't something I'd chosen intentionally - the current of the exploration simply swept me up on it's way westward. Once word got back to St. Charles that the wagon train that had left the following spring had reached the Oregon Territory pretty much intact, it passed from the realm of fantasy into something that felt accomplishable. The west presented something new for everyone. It presented a way out. It was an escape from the lure of the city, a strike out at the unknown.

Just as the prairies beyond Missouri were storied to be vast - so were the imaginations of what we all thought we'd find there and who we might become. For me it was a chance to get some space - both literally and figuratively - between me and this life so far. I naively thought that if I could draw out a thousand miles behind me, that life would finally let me free. They never warn when you are out there on the frontier - any fear you packed along with you becomes amplified, the silence gets filled by whatever you bring with you. It's true that a lot of did come through the other side of it, but not even the strongest amongst us came through it completely intact."

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  Heal my Pain

The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Getting Over Yourself

Getting dumped sucks! We’ve been there. This short novella follows the adventures of Bill, who is off on a involuntary vacation to the desert, organized by his hilarious roommate Barnum. Sitting by the pool one afternoon he meets Arthur, who convinces him that he’s not ready to give up on love.

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Milton and The Morning Monk

Bill Emory spent his childhood chasing love, but it always seemed to be kept from him like a secret. After fumbling around his small Idaho town fighting his way through adolescence, he thought he’d finally found what he thought he wanted when he arrived at Saint Gertrude’s Seminary. Everything changes the day he is introduced to Milton Fournier.

From the author of ‘The House of Wolves’ and ‘The Do-It-Yourself Guide To Getting Over Yourself’ comes a new gay romance about finding love when you least expect it – and what we’re willing to do to be with the one we love. Inspired by “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and “Illusions: Tales of a Reluctant Messiah” by Richard Bach, “Milton and the Morning Monk” is a multimedia collaboration including vivid drawings, photographs and one-of-a-kind artwork. It is a classic story about overcoming obstacles and reconciling our faith with who we truly are.

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The House of Wolves     

The beautiful third edition is now available! Enveloped by the native spirits of the Pacific Northwest, Roy Wallace and David Moreau s newfound relationship begins. David soon introduces Roy to the House of Wolves, a community of gay men where honor, companionship, spirituality, erotic desire and brotherhood guide the way. Each man living in the house represents a totem from the spirit world, and each one has committed himself to finding a unique path in life. Having lost their visionary founder to AIDS, the household has been faltering and losing faith in the dreams that brought them together. Energized by his new relationship with Roy, David takes the final steps for the brotherhood to grieve for the past while striving for an incredible new future. The men of the House of Wolves soon come to realize that this new future demands sacrifice and strength. Mystical spirits wait down forest paths as the rituals and traditions of the household are revealed. Everyone, the living and dead, are forced to confront their fears and their faith in order to embrace the extraordinary in their lives.

The House of Wolves is a vivid amalgam of elements: body hair and beards, pipe smoke and man-musk, the landscape of the Pacific Northwest, the richness of Native American culture. Robert McDiarmid’s evocative novel beautifully intertwines the erotic, the romantic, and the spiritual, and it depicts homomasculinity at its best: lusty, strong, compassionate, and kind. –Jeff Mann, Lambda Literary Award-winner, A History of Barbed Wire

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Brief Moments:
A collection of short stories

Brief Moments beautifully captures those fleeting thoughts and interactions that, through time, become the narrative of a life. Using an economy of words, each vignette grants the reader’s own imagination the permission to fill in the details. Each story resonates with its insight and crisp depictions of authentic characters, situations and scenes.
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