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"How come you never hear people bitch about Tuesday? No 'for the love of Christ it is only Tuesday' memes ...... I think Tuesday is getting off easy."

"I think you are thinking too much."

"Monday is hated, Wednesday is hump day, yet Tuesday is nameless, invisible."

" Perhaps Tuesday prefers to be the day other things get posted. Happy pet photos, rants about how much Facebook sucks, or My Little Cthulu episodes."

"You mean Tuesday is the buffer for all the esoteric psychobabble on the internet?"

"Like the patient friend who will listen to you drone on about vapid first world problems. Tuesday is that friend during the week you can say anything to."

"So we hate Mondays, Tuesday is our enabler, Wednesday is a horny little sex kitten and we thank god for Friday. What about Thursdays?"

"You are not ready for the truth about Thursday yet. We'll leave that for the next lesson...."