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The War

concentration camp

It was 2153 when the yards sprung up and were pushed to capacity. Everything deemed criminally cheerful and outlawed by the Coal Cartel, particularly Effigies of the Claus, pressed against the high fences topped with barbed wire. They were kept very far out into the dark - their cheery lights never witnessed again. Around these lonely camps they say the forbidden carols will sing on the wind, daring people to be merry once more. As if gates were the only things keeping it contained.

Some say in the late last century that they’d tried to clean up coal, make it shiny like the rest of the world had been. Pretending to be something you’re not? Aren't we all guilty of this to some degree? As often the most despicable things are, the war had begun as a joke. Funny how a simple lie now long festered had become memory’s truth.